Question by  Pauletta (24)

What does connecting my lg ax 300 allow me to do when connected to my computer?

I have connected my lg ax 300 to my computer.


Answer by  worker83 (62)

By installing the software delivered with your phone, you should normally be able to back up your settings, contacts and messages. The additional functionality depends on your phone type! You could be able to send sms messages, browse through your phone files, put music onto your phone...


Answer by  mjanthony (47)

An LG AX 300 is a mobile phone. Once connected, you can access pictures on the phone or use the phone's Internet capability to "tether" your computer to the Internet.


Answer by  dmb8624 (17)

Plugging in your LG AX300 to your computer will allow you to charge your phone, as well as sync files from your device to your computer.


Answer by  sweeneydjg (87)

Usually when you connect a computer with a cell phone, you can use that cell phone as a modem, for a fee, or if you have a media card plugged into the phone, you can typically add files using windows explorer


Answer by  Rainman (14)

This cellphone, the AX 300 by LG, when connected to my computer can allow me to update firmware and access stored pictures. If I had the right software I could also get phone log information.


Answer by  rhg2k3 (8)

you can do a lot of things with your phone, you will be able to back up your settings, contacts and messages,send sms messages, browse your phone files,transfer music to your phone..


Answer by  balamuralijul14yahoocoin86 (17)

Please check weather the lg ax 300 is connected correctly. If device has connected correctly means check weather the sotfware for lg ax 300 is installed or not. If sotware is installed automtically means leave it. If not installing means put required software cd & then install it & check lg ax 300 will eork properly.

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