Question by  Mack (18)

What does an external auditor do?


Answer by  patti (29325)

An external auditor is one from the outside. She/he isn't an employee of the business being audited and, as such, is not vested and is assumed to be completely objective.


Answer by  Beccap217 (6)

An external auditor is hired essentially as an outside contractor to a company to evaluate the integrity of the company's financial reporting. This evaluation is completed through inquiry of those within the company, confirmation with parties external to the company, direct observation, and sampling techniques.


Answer by  mitzinka (6)

A person outside the organization who is in charge of auditing the financial documentation and accounting practices in the organization.


Answer by  Leslie90 (66)

An external auditor is hired as a 3rd party consultant to come in and evaluate the bookkeeping and accounting records of a business or corporation.

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