Question by  alil1b81005 (29)

What can you tell me about a tube worm or tube anemone?

Are they really worms?


Answer by  jeremykellogg (13)

The tube anemone is a worm like creature that lives in tropical areas. It has many tenticles that it runs along the sandy for to capture prey.


Answer by  catlover (28)

A tube worm is a parasite that affects pets, rodents, and sometimes people, but it is most common in cats and dogs. A tube anemone is just a type of anemone in the ocean.


Answer by  worker8740 (33)

Tube worms are filter feeders. They come in different colors (pink, purple, brown) At the top, the worm will push out it's "fan", which looks like a feather duster. The fan catches plankton and other particles and is then sucked back down into the tube to feed the worm.


Answer by  wormy (18)

Tube worms are a variety of marine worms that live in tubes. They have structres, called crowns which are extended from the tubes to gather food. Tube worms reproduce asexually.


Answer by  T1 (36)

Worms do not have invertebrates. Tube worm and tube anemone from the looks of it are found in the seawater.

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