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What does a space probe do?


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A space probe is a robot that is sent out past the earth's atmosphere to collect data and transmit said data back to technicians on earth. This includes trips to mars, the moon, and various other places.

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Is it okay if I can use your definition of a space probe because I'm doing a essay on Mars?
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A space probe travels to other locations in space and transmits information back to its home location about what it finds in those locations. Recently, a probe was crashed into the moon to check for ice crystals.


Answer by  brett29 (467)

A space probe is an unmanned drone that is controlled from earth in space. It explores and goes on unsafe space missions in the place of humans.


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Space probe robotic object launched to perform specific task on the extraterrestrial objects in space. Important objective is to get results back. For example, space probe can be launched to test atmosphere or surface of another planet. One of the notable probes is "Mariner 9", which is the first probe what was sent around another planet.


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A space probe is sent into space in place of humans to explore with cameras, weather & gas type measuring gauges and other assorted monitoring and communications types of equipment.


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a space probe is a very tecnical device that collects data from space to be studied and looked closely at for anwsers from space


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