Question by  vikram93 (13)

What is the other space on my ipod?

My ipod has a section called other space,. what does this mean?


Answer by  balaji7hills (35)

Basically, the ipod identifies what is contained on the iPod by looking at the entries in it's datbase. If files were copied to the ipod during a sync.


Answer by  mooman2679 (1018)

The "other space" probably are files that you have put on the iPod as disk use. Itunes doesn't classify these files in any other way. It could also be just files used by the iPod to operate.


Answer by  drJ (841)

This is the space that stores the necessary files for operating your ipod. It contains things like the menu screens and icons, the essential applications (like the music playing software and clock) and software code for things like volume control and power management. It takes up very little of the total space on most ipods and cannot be removed.


Answer by  Anonymous

I've read on other blogs that "other" also includes Album Art (which can apparently be quite large). An option would be to turn off the setting to get album artwork and see how much that reduces your "other'.


Answer by  mindsweeper96 (21)

"other" is the space on your ipod where all of the defalt settings are held. like contacts, mail, safari, stocks, weather, notes, album artwork, ect. if your ipod is jailbroken all of that info is held under other too.


Answer by  kate74 (273)

It is space taken up by Apple-installed software, things that make your iPod run like it should. It could also be software that is required by any applications you've downloaded to run.


Answer by  johndoze (1)

None of these answers are helpful. The "other" on my 80GB iPod equals 18.81gb. So it's not little. Does someone actually know what it is (why it's not music, for one) and how to get rid of it?


Answer by  MNarasimhan (27)

It means to show that it can be used for storing softwares to transfer the songs or videos in your ipod to the mac or pc. The space can also be used for storing games that are compatible for the ipod. By storing transfer softwares you can listen to the music in any systems.

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