Question by  danette (16)

How do you remove spaces in a cell in excel?

I need to remove spaces in a cell in excel.


Answer by  fiddlefaddle (883)

You can change the spacing in cells by clicking and dragging in between the cells to change their spacing. If you want to do this automatically rather than manually, click format then to cell spacing. You can select multiple cells and change their spacing all together to create a uniform look.


Answer by  Phil28 (379)

If you are talking about leading and traililng spaces, just use the TRIM(A1) function. To get rid of spaces betweens words or characters you have to use something like: =SUBSTITUTE(A1;CHAR(32);"") A1 is the cell containing your text. CHAR(32) is the Ascii code for the space which gets replaced by nothing.


Answer by  worker2282 (29)

Try this: J2 =REPLACE(I2,FIND(" ",I2),1,"") It is asuming your first value is in cell "I2". Then copy down the formula. Then copy column "J" and paste as values in column "I".


Answer by  anoid (31)

Pick the cell with the spaces to be removed. Then click after the space you want to remove. Then press the "backspace" key and then "enter".

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