Question by  koak (20)

What does a refrigerator Solenoid do?


Answer by  primatefreak (1616)

A solenoid is actually a valve. A refrigerator solenoid works on a timer for the ice maker.When the ice maker arm is up the solenoid is in closed position. Prevents water and ice from continuously being made. Arm down,solenoid opens to allow the water into the ice tray. Timer shuts off water,and continues process until arm is in up position.


Answer by  JohnHolmes (2660)

The solenoid on a refrigerator is responsible for telling the compressor to engage which causes the cooling of the inside of the refrigerator. Without this part or if it is faulty than your food will spoil.


Answer by  Ammar (11)

The refrigerator solenoid is an electrical device that controls the water supply to the icemaker. If the solenoid is defective or it can't receive power, the icemaker will not make ice.


Answer by  MikeL94 (8)

A refrigerator Solenoid is one of the mechanical parts of a refrigerator. they are the coils in which cold freon is pumped through, to cool the contents of the refrigerator. Similar coils are also used for hot freon, to expel excess heat out the back of the refrigerator. Please note, newer refrigerators might use a coolant besides freon.


Answer by  Jakecutter (1819)

A Solenoid makes ice in a refrigerator. It controls and regulates the amount of water sent to the ice maker. Just set it for how much ice you want made and how often.


Answer by  hellbell (25)

A refrigerator Solenoid is necessary to make ice. It controls the amount of flow refrigerant liquid to the refrigerator and is also used to keep the fridge cool.


Answer by  hah35 (109)

It's just the same as any other kind of fridge. It just has higher quality settings and it runs on a battery as well. I really like it though and it has a great warranty period if you choose to return it. My friend bought one and that is how I know.


Answer by  gnr (7)

Refrigerator solenoid is a current operated electronic valve. It's function is to open or close the flow of refrigerant liquid in the cooling system according the cooling cycle. Icemakers also have solenoid for water flow.


Answer by  mammakat (11147)

A solenoid is a coil of wire used as an electromagnet- it's a particularly effective, low maintenance system that usually functions as a switch or a regulator to turn things on and off. However, if it dies, so does the system it is powering, but usually not an expensive replacement.


Answer by  cveilleux1977livecom (40)

this part allows water to flow to the ice maker and the water dispenser it is hooked to the household water supply.


Answer by  trouble (66)

it is in the back of refrigerator,that is a valve that opens and closes different areas to let the cold air to flow and warm air flow out of refrigerator

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