Question by  pifmgr (15)

What does a mermaid wedding dress look like?

My sister keeps saying she wants a mermaid dress but I don't know what that it.


Answer by  lsemenecz (13)

A mermaid wedding dress is a dress that is fitted on the top and then flairs out at the bottom. They are fitted to the body through the bust, waist and hips. The flair can begin anywhere from the bottom of the hip to below the knee. It is a great style for a woman with curves.


Answer by  MandyF (73)

This is a strapless gown, that is VERY tight/fitted to show off one's curves and hips. At the calf area it flares out and this area resembles a mermaid's "tail"


Answer by  Sett (1838)

A mermaid dress is usually a strapless dress with a sweetheart shaped top. The dress is tailored to hug your curves all the way down to just a little above your knee where it flares out. It looks like a mermaids fin a little bit, hence the name.


Answer by  Stephan7 (21)

Picture a dress which surrounds the hips the way that a mermaid's tail would, and has some kind of ruffle, flair or embellishment at the bottom which is reminiscent of a fin. It also needs a slit in it so you can walk well.


Answer by  Erynn (1651)

A mermaid dress is one which is quite right around the upper legs and flairs at the base - like a tail.

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