Question by  jennybop (254)

What does a blowout hairstyle look like?

Is there a celebrity that has one?


Answer by  ps2 (103)

Rob Reha and the Gotti boys had the blowout hairstyle that comes from Brooklyn. The hair is cut away from hairline, into even chunks that are gelled and worn in spikes. This hair style is fashionable since the early 2000s for both men and women. It seems to have found its way to immortality.


Answer by  SuzyQ11 (18)

Jennifer Aniston has the ultimate celebrity blowout hair. You can tell it is a blowout because it is super straight and super shiny.


Answer by  Anonymous

answer above is wrong. it is called a brook also.googel image gotti boys. not a womans blowout. suzy doesn't know wth shes saying

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