Question by  Oktober (35)

What are some good hairstyles for people who use the hot comb?


Answer by  Kaichia55 (74)

When I was a little girl, My mother would press my hair every Sunday. Hot combs straighten hair without the use of chemicals. Usually the best style for hot combed hair is wrapped. Usually you wrap your hair then comb it straight down. Also you can use the curling irons to add a little volume to your hot combed tresses.


Answer by  Liz59 (10966)

Well I believe some good hot comb hair styles would be braids. Braids look especially good if they are done right. You have to split your hair in tiny ways and then make the braids accordingly. You can also get that done or you at a salon for a good rate.


Answer by  jennibii (184)

You can wear virtually any hairstyle if you use the hot comb. Personally, I like to wear my hair down when I use a hot comb.


Answer by  girIbot (26)

Hot combs offer sleek hairstyles for women with curls that are hard to straighten otherwise. Good styles are sassy bobs, bangs, pixie-cuts, and long & straight with a center part.


Answer by  MsMadison (86)

Good hairstyles for long hair is pinning up or a ponytail, medium length should be left straight down with a little curl at the end, and short left spiky.


Answer by  DrD75 (128)

Straight styles are best and it is best to stay away from any styles that require a lot of products as that can result in reversion of the hair. As a healthy hair advocate, I strongly recommend you seek alternative ways to straigtening your hair as the high heat of a hot comb will eventually caused it to break.


Answer by  dr84bhl (2789)

A good style is the bob with the ends curling slightly under and a fringe with a slight kink towards the forehead.


Answer by  Liz59 (10966)

A really cool hair style to do is to basically do braids. Braids look well. Also you can do a hair style poof in the front of your hair and leave your hair down.

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