Question by  Tib (73)

What do you use to clean a nipple piercing?


Answer by  pakuakid (72)

Cotton swabs, Hot water,A cleaning solution of some kind(hibiclens, bactine etc). Wet the cotton swab in hot water and scrub the area well, trying to remove any crusty material. Switch sides of the swab and wet it with your cleaing solution and clean the area again, make sure to rotate your jewelry through your piercing.


Answer by  scoyne88 (161)

I would recommend witch hazel for cleaning any piercing, including a nipple piercing. Be sure to clean it twice a day.


Answer by  markslove (18)

Generally, you should clean your nipple piercing twice a day while you are in the shower. You should use unscented bar soap. If you would rather clean your nipple piercing outside the shower, you can use regular Dial soap. The hand soap is best for this and it should not be scented.


Answer by  pezhead420 (182)

Use a mild salt water solution to help kill bacteria and promote healing. Also an antibacterial soap soap will work well too. I used Dial liquid soap and then rinsed with salt water when healing my nipples.


Answer by  Lucia (27)

If the piercest gave you a cleaning solution, your best bet is to go with that. If not, using an antibacterial soap is what you want to use. DO NOT use alchohol or peroxide as it will dry out the peircing and will reject.


Answer by  Ann71 (47)

You should use sea salt mixed with water, twice a day. To make sure your nipple piercing is being cleaned properly and doesn't set up infected from the nipple piercing.

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