Question by  whitney (19)

What do you think about painting your bedroom black?


Answer by  malpoa (363)

It is not a good idea to paint your bedroom black. You might have an odd feeling while you getup in the morning seeing this color. Painting black makes the room look smaller and scary. It is better to paint just one wall black and hang a great wall hanging on the wall and use a lot of white curtains.


Answer by  VickieB (16)

It is an interesting concept, if potentially morbid to some. Think about what the color does to perception of space, darker colors make something seem smaller. If you live in a small space, the room may feel claustrophobic. Also consider your climate, the room will be hotter in the summer than ones with lighter walls.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

You could do it but it's going to be VERY dark in that room. Try painting just one wall if you want it to be lighter in the room.


Answer by  mandey5511 (102)

I would only do it if I had very colorful, bold furniture to offset the darkness. And a bright lamp.


Answer by  Mallika (449)

Painting the bedroom is not at all good. Many peoples never select this colour to paint inside the room. Mostly black colours are used to paint gate, grills and windows. But painting the inner room walls with black colours clarity decreases.

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