Question by  Porter (20)

How do I splatter paint bedroom wall designs?


Answer by  Devierue (317)

Though it looks like fun, you can successfully splatter paint without moving your entire arm. Quick wrist flicks will suffice. Simple mental planning can land the right colors in the right places, but if you're looking to be more precise, tape off sections of wall in a desired manner.


Answer by  MaryL (117)

Depends on how crazy you want to get with it. Make sure you put down a drop cloth. When doing a large area you want at least a 3inch horse hair brush. Dip your brush in the paint and just spat!


Answer by  ferfer72 (2623)

Choose two paint colors: One that will be the main color for your wall and one that is a good accent. Splattering is pretty simple, just don't overdo it.


Answer by  Mike18 (72)

Splattering paint bedroom wall designs can be as simple as taking the paint of your choice, dipping a brush in it and then flicking the brush at the wall from a few feet away. You will get the random splatter you are looking for with little difficulty.


Answer by  trudie1962 (1022)

Very messy - mask off/cover areas you don't want splattered, including floor. Wear gloves. Load paint on toothbrush or stiff paintbrush. Draw thumb or dowel across bristles.


Answer by  CaraWhalen (22)

It depends on how random you want it, or if you're looking at some kind of pattern. You can tape off sections to make it more patterned if you like. To actually paint, just flick your wrist in small movements to ensure that small amounts of paint hit the walls.


Answer by  Bill90 (6)

Drop cloths are key. Put them on the floor and other surrounding areas that you don't want paint cover. Then choose your color, dip your brush and coat thickly and act as if you are throwing the brush at the wall. It is usually a good idea to use several paint colors to provide a unique effect.


Answer by  LadyofMasonManor (91)

After choosing coordinating paint colors, cover all areas you don't want paint on. To splatter paint, simply dip a paint brush and sling the paint at the wall. The size of the paint splatters will depend on how much paint is on the brush. Have fun!


Answer by  jaljl25 (547)

Well to splatter them it's not that easy. You need to create a stencil or buy stencils for the type of splatter painting job you want to achieve. I recommend making your own and then using those stencils to create the effect that you want to create in your bedroom.


Answer by  george76 (5)

Bedroom walls must be light in color. It must have dark shades of the contrast color. I prefer it being a color which matches my bed which can give a romantic feeling to me and my wife. Youcan splatter paint such as it could resemble a rose. Opt for a non smelly paint.


Answer by  Anonymous

Wear old clothes, protect things you don't want painted, use a big stiffish brush, and paint away.

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