Question by  ShyamalaM (12)

What do you have to do to become a veterinarian?

I would enjoy working with animals.


Answer by  patti (29325)

You must have an undergraduate degree, preferably in a related field. Veterinary school is highly competitive, far more so than medical or dental school. The program itself is grueling and demanding. It combines a masters and PhD. Graduates are addressed as "Dr."


Answer by  bunnygirl (779)

At your undergraduate institution, follow the pre-vet program course requirements. Apply to vet school, which can be a very competitive process. Increase your chances by working with animals beforehand.


Answer by  Gus28 (683)

Most colleges/universities offering graduate degrees in veterinarianism post their requirements on their website. Animal Science is a good undergraduate degree to prepare for a veterinary medical program.


Answer by  holdengal (693)

You will have to go to a 4 year accredited institution and get a Bachelors Degree. It doesn't matter what the degree is in, as long as your science and other prerequesits are met to apply to vet schoo. Then you have to complete 4 years of vet school.


Answer by  sniendorf (15)

To become a veterinarian one needs to acquire the knowledge necessary to help animals to live full, healthy lives. One should study anatomy and physiology of animals to proprly prescribe activities to promote healthy living and medicine to promote healing. This knowledge will benefit animals and their owners so they can enjoy life together.

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