Question by  Paul41 (87)

What do you do if the back button is missing on your Internet Explorer browser?


Answer by  logu88 (40)

Open the Tools in that click the Internet Options in that click on the Advanced tab in that click the "Restore to default" box and click Apply. This should restore the Internet Explorer to it's original settings. Also you want to go back to the previous page but the back button is unavailable means you go to the history.


Answer by  BigD103 (548)

Open the Tools... Internet Options and click on the Advanced tab. The clcik on the "restore to default" box and click Apply. This should restore Internet Explorer to it's orginal settings you may have to restart IE.


Answer by  RoyalKnight (40)

The missing back button is an indication that your current page has opened in a new window. Either select the previous window from your taskbar, or access history with the Ctrl-Shift-H keyboard shortcut to get back to the page you were expecting.


Answer by  Jesse78 (139)

Right click the gray space at the top of the page and display all the tool bars, I would assume that a toolbar is missing from the internet explorer browser, try downloading firefox.


Answer by  BenWBell (47)

If the back button is missing on your Internet Explorer it is most likely that you've customized the toolbar (possibly accidentally), depending on your version of IE. Never fear though, you can eliminate the need for it by holding the ALT key and pressing LEFT on the arrow keys.


Answer by  LigerZERO (36)

See if Standard Buttons toolbar is enabled. Click View on top toolbar. Then go to Toolbars. Verify you have Standard Buttons checked. You may also use the keyboard shortcut for the back button. Simply press the Backspace button on your keyboard.


Answer by  abdulfathah (79)

In the internet explorer Click on view , toolbar and select customize. Find the back button in the available toolbar buttons and add to current toolbar buttons


Answer by  jessgirl2 (319)

If the back button is missing, it's probably because there is no page to go back to because you've just opened a new browser window or tab. If you've already closed the page you want to go back to, you'll have to look in your browser's history to find it again.


Answer by  SashaDarkCloud (5764)

That is a very interesting dilemma. You can try uninstalling and re-installing Internet Explorer to get the button back. Otherwise, don't know what to tell you.


Answer by  yeswanth (235)

Go to the menu field. select "view" in that. you have many options with toolbar. select toolbar now. In that select the final option and check whether back button is in left box. select and click add. It comes to right box. If did, back button will appear again. Can use "default" button for restoring.


Answer by  Anonymous

Hold in ALT and press back space or back arrow


Answer by  murali680 (559)

First open the tools and go to the internet option then click in the advanced tap. In it click restore to default box and also click apply option. Then you should have to restart the internet explorer to it's original setting. We can also use Ctrl-Shift-H shortcut from keyboard to solve this.


Answer by  worker7771 (14)

choose view then select toolbar and select customize from it and see if the back button is in the left box select it, click add it will be there in right box, the right box shows all icons you put in toolbar then transfer the back arrow and close you will find the left arrow in toolbar

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