Question by  Puppyluv (173)

What do the Buddhists believe about the origins of the universe?


Answer by  worker3750 (24)

Buddhists believe that there was no beginning of the universe, it is more that is continuously recreated all the time and will continue to do this. Systems such as 'Our World' appear and disappear all the time within the universe. The world is repeated life cycle of births and deaths.


Answer by  nairjula (559)

Buddists believe that the Univerdr originated as per the scientific prinicples. When all other believe that universe was created because they always live in fear.


Answer by  lonelywolf (2117)

For Buddhists, there is no beginning to the universe - it has always existed. However, Buddhism is focused on living in the present rather than wondering about the past.


Answer by  fesdre (655)

From what I learned in a religious analysis class, Buddhists unfortunately believe that all life was created at the beginning of time. After creation their god is sitting far away just watching and waiting for people to reach nirvana. This makes no scene to me because if people reincarnate the population would be shrinking, not growing.


Answer by  Anonymous

Go to your local Buddhist temple and ask around. The beliefs vary as much as the people.

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