Question by  Tawnybug (25)

Who do Buddhists pray to?

I am curious about Buddhists.


Answer by  jezeera (81)

instead chants made up of sounds imbued with deep spiritual meanings (mantras) are said,However in most Buddhist sects,the local deities have been absorbed into Buddhism. the "prayers" remain impersonal. the ritual and the offerings that bring favour, not any sort of relationship with a god.


Answer by  mohankumar (83)

Buddhist pray to gautam buddha the founder of buddhist sect and which is largely prevalent in south east asia like india,srilanka ,japan ,thailand ,bhutan ,tibet etc. They are a peacefull sect who preach nonviolence. The leader of the sect is dalai lama.


Answer by  shandilyan (180)

Buddhists don't pray creator god,but they do have meditational practices which could be compared to praying. In Japan buddhists pray to Amida Buddha,the buddha of infinite light.


Answer by  Anonymous

Go hang out at some Buddhist temples, then, and ask them.

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