Question by  Nicole (20)

What do snails eat?


Answer by  sonicforshorthand (25)

Snails like to eat anything you might put in a salad. They really like lettuce and prefer the softest, wettest part of the leaves. Some snails even eat apples and carrots.


Answer by  jamilea (238)

There are 2 types of snails, land and water snails. They both are herbivores, meaning they eat plants however the water snails eat microscopic creatures as well.


Answer by  DogLover82 (412)

Snails generally eat plant material. For example, while marigolds discourage many garden pests, they are a magnet for snails who can decimate a bed of them overnight. To dispose of snails naturally, place saucers of beer near your garden, the snails are attracted to the beer and will drown in the saucer.


Answer by  John (9008)

Different species of snails have somewhat different diets. All of them basically eat plants, however. Most species of snails that live on land eat the leaves of bushes or other low-lying plants. Aquatic snails tend to eat algae. All snails are herbevores, however, and none of them eat meat.

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