Question by  Blossom9283 (358)

What do pineapple seeds look like?

Why have I never seen one, even though I eat whole pineapples all the time?


Answer by  fruiterz (12)

Pineapple seeds look rather like small apple seeds. If you do a good job of peeling your pineapple, then you might not even notice them. They are located just under the skin of the pineapple, under those bumps in the side of the fruit. There are often a few left on the outer flesh just after peeling


Answer by  Wayne100 (42)

Pineapple is a kind of compound fruit. When we eat pineapple , we can find seeds. Pineapple seeds distribute in the surface,just like black dots. But very few people will notice it.


Answer by  pradhaprajgmailcom (1518)

Pieaple does not have seeds.They grow underground.The underground fruits or vegetables will not have seeds.The pineapple will have a thick fleshy stem like central portion but not seeds.They are not produced in any tree or plant but like potato it sends out only leaves.So they need not have seeds to produce a tree.

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Sorry but this is incorrect information.  add a comment
Reply by redsonjart (1):
pineapples do have seeds but i havent been able to grow a plant from them. i have managed to grow a plant from the top of the fruit.  add a comment
Reply by slippers (0):
This answer is sooo.. wrong. Peanuts grow underground. Pineapples grow on plants and DO have seeds. I have been eating pineapple for years and just only tonight found the first seeds - look just like very miniature apple seeds. Pineapples are cut off stem at base of fruit.  add a comment

Answer by  gopi (11)

I bought a wonderful pineapple the other day and when I was cutting it up I found about 2 dozen seeds inside, most of them around the bottom third of the fruit, imbedded in the flesh. I would like to try sprouting some of the seeds and see if I can get an actual plant from them. Any advice?

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Advice? Certainly! Try it and let us know what the results are.  add a comment
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