Question by  stphaniecostello87 (159)

What do I need to know about purchasing a vehicle at a used car lot?

I want to be able to ask the right questions.


Answer by  CarMechanic (10)

You need to make sure that the title on the vehicle is clean and that there is no damage that is hidden in the car. Damage can be hidden by painting over it, or replacing parts with bad parts. Also, make sure that the car is not a salvage, because that could lead to problems.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

Who owned the car before. Have it checker by your mechanic. Check to see if it was involved in a prior accident. Tires, brakes, Tie rod, Rust under the car, muffler, hoses, gas tank, radiator if these are overlooked these can cost you big bucks to get fixed.


Answer by  k99 (489)

I would ask to see any prior service records on the vehicle. Ask if you can have it checked out by your own mechanic or a dealership. Dealerships usually charge a small fee for the used car inspenction but it worth it in the long run. Ask for a Car Fax report too.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

First thing to ask is for a car history report. If they are on the level they will provide an up to date on on the car. Then find out as much about the maintenance history as possible. The test drive the car and have you mechanic check it out. Remember to never trust anything the dealer says without proof.

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