Question by  Rengarajan (18)

Can I put pink hair dye on my hair myself?

Where do I buy it?


Answer by  QGreezy (76)

Yes you can. I have applied pink to my natural hair before. What you want to do is go to Sally's Beauty Supply and there is going to be a hair color kit. You must bleach your hair first if you hair color is black, brown, etc.


Answer by  justme21 (130)

You can always put hair dye on yourself, if you're daring! However, your best bet, especially risky colors like pink, is to leave it in the hands of a professional stylist. Pink is not an easy color to achieve and can be hard to fix later.


Answer by  hairlover33 (72)

The answer to this question is yes, however, you may not want to. Hair dye can be purchased at most grocery stores, or pharmacies such as Walgreens, CVS, etc.

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