Question by  Alicia44 (23)

What can cause an elevated white blood cell count?

I don't have HIV.


Answer by  elb (1105)

A high white blood cell count occurs most often when your body is trying to fight an infectious process anywhere in your body. Some medications can prompt an increase in white blood cells. Immune system disorders besides HIV also raise white cell counts. A physician can make a firm diagnosis.


Answer by  Amanda65 (1220)

A simple bacterial or viral infection can cause an elevated white blood cell count (WBC count), ranging from a cold to pneumonia. Cancer can also cause an elevated WBC count, as well as decrease it, but this is more unlikely than an infection. High WBC counts mean that your body is trying to fight off something.


Answer by  Cecilia (2828)

White blood cells multiply when your body is fighting an infection. One of the problems with HIV is that the white blood cell count falls and your body can't fight.


Answer by  bubbyboy (9929)

A white blood cell count that is up can mean different things. An infection somewhere in the body will put this count above normal. Leukemia can also put the white count up or it may be something minor.

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