Question by  prestonrt (24)

What do oxygenated red blood cells arrive at capillaries through?

I need to understand what oxygenated blood cells arrive at capillaries.


Answer by  MammaLisa (49)

Oxygenated Red blood Cells arrive at capillaries through Arterioles. The process of oxygenation stats in the Lungs where Arteries transport blood to Arterioles and then Arterioles transfer oxygenated blood to capillaries.


Answer by  Craess (43)

Oxygenated blood leaves the heart via the aorta to the arteries to the artioles to capilliaries. the only exception from this is the pulmonary system (blood to the lungs). In the Pulmonary system it's reversed so that oxygenated blood flows to the heart.


Answer by  Taran (716)

A renal tubule passes most of the fluids it processes into:the urinary bladder ,bloodstream ,a glomerulus ,triglycerides. An oxygen molecule is inhaled by a human. After hitching a ride on a red blood cell, its next stop will the heart,left ventricle, left atrium, right ventricle, right atrium

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