Question by  slhart (72)

What do colleges test for on football team tryouts?


Answer by  frank (279)

Colleges test potential football players at tryouts for speed, strength, endurance, jumping ability, arm strength for questerbacks etc. Also Colleges are looking at the character of the potential players such as how he follows instructions, respects authority and if he is team player with good morals both on the field and off the field as well.


Answer by  bjc (354)

Colleges test for the following on football team tryouts: speed, agility, size, mass, pain tolerance, football IQ, ability to follow directions, and coachability. Football teams typically only need tryout players to fill practice position slots, which means these players will likely never get to play in a game. Players must be able to handle this.


Answer by  DouglasEarlClore (1236)

The 40 yard sprint is most well known. There are also strength tests on the bench press and squat. Not only do they test for a single maximium lift, but also for reps of lighter weights. There are head to head tests with competitors, and vertical jump is often tested.


Answer by  Mable (3008)

Colleges are interested in a player's skills, stamina and capability. They are also very interested in ability to function as a team member, suitability to this college's present team, and commitment to follow-through with instruction. Colleges also require commitment to the academic studies the student is planning to undertake.

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