Question by  Tgarden (96)

What do baby bunnies eat?


Answer by  Ann66 (161)

After being weaned from their mother's milk, a baby bunny will eat rabbit pellets bought commercially just fine. They also like the addition of rolled oats, or alfalfa.


Answer by  ChristinaRamirez (481)

When baby bunnies are first born they are small in size and they do not have hair and there eyes are closed and they nurse just like any other small mammal, another words they drink milk from the mother bunny. When they are older and have fur they eat fresh fruit and veggies.


Answer by  Anonymous

they eat oats, oat meal is fine and some eat vegatables i dont know if they eat fruit at all but if you give a baby bunny a carrot make sure its not to hard or grind it up, for there teeth are not full growin yet.


Answer by  alicia47 (227)

Baby bunnies eat a lot of fresh fruit and vegatables. You can go to your local pet store and buy a mix of bunny food that contains pellets and dried/.


Answer by  LaurenHebbe (300)

When baby bunnies are first born they will eat their mothers milk for about 3 weeks. After that they will eventually eat their the same food for their mother eats.

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