Question by  chippine (46)

My left arm hurts. Why?


Answer by  teutan (27)

Ya it will happen due to the cause of mental disturbance and mental suffering. And also the other reasons are because of work heaviness. Its better to take rest few days. If you can't get relief concern the doctor and follow the suggestions of doctor. Its better to massage the arm with oil like that.


Answer by  SylviaStickles (182)

First, you need to determine if you've injured your arm in some way. Did you bang into something? Or did you sleep on your arm? Does your arm hurt when you move it in a certain way? Your best course of action would be to see a doctor if the pain doesn't go a way in a couple of days.


Answer by  audiocupcakes (346)

This is hard to answer without additional information. Many reasons could cause your pain. Heart attacks usually generated pain in the left arm. Could also be a muscle strain, nerve damage, or a break. Shingles will cause pain in one side of the body, so look out for blisters that might show up.


Answer by  angiem1981 (1059)

A sprain, pulled muscle, or small fracture are all possibilities. In addition, those suffering from a heart attack may also feel pain than radiates down the left arm but there are usually other symptoms associated with this.

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