Question by  Samson (22)

What could cause slow hair growth in a child?

My toddlers hair does not appear to be growing at all, could she have a defenicy in a vitamin.


Answer by  Binome (1975)

Some people just have hair that grows slowly, especially at a young age. The child's body has lots of more important things to grow, like healthy bones and muscles. The B vitamins help hair growth, but if there are no other signs of a deficiency, don't worry about it.


Answer by  wigglewasp (781)

Some kids just grow hair slower than others. Some are born and in a few weeks they have almost a full head of hair and some wait for months. The hair will come through eventually.


Answer by  brittany68 (76)

You could not be getting her hair cut soon enough. The more you get your hair trimmed the longer it will grow, the thicker it will grow, and the faster it will grow. I would try doing this first and then if not it could be from vitamin deficiency.

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