Question by  jodiahz (110)

How much does hair grow each month?

My hair seems to grow so slowly.


Answer by  Kauakea (77)

Hair grows one half inch per month. It may seem to grow slowly or quickly depending upon the kind of hair that you have. Straight hair seems to rocket down your back. Curly hair (like mine) takes forever. With all of the coils, it takes longer to reach an inch!


Answer by  Danielle42 (78)

Hair growth varies due to many factors like health, genetics, and lifestyle but usually you hair grows on an average of about 1/2 an inch a month.


Answer by  GinaD (400)

Human hair grows an average of 1/2 inch per month. It tends to grow faster in summer months and slower in the winter. I'm thinking that in warm weather better blood flow to our scalps accounts for the difference. Sometimes your hair breaks off at the end, making you think it is growing more slowly than it is.


Answer by  kaylalynn (91)

Hair grows a half an inch every month. Some people's hair does go slower or faster, but as a general rule half an inch. Avoid clipping your ends, because it does not harm your hair and don't over wash or style it give it some rest


Answer by  karthik (70)

first of all i would like to say one thing... Hair growth depends on how you treat your hair and benefits from maintaining a healthy lifestyle. so,keep ur hair smoothly....

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