Question by  tribolumen (25)

What could cause patches of hair falling off dog?

My dog has hair falling out.


Answer by  Jessec1007 (165)

Pay attention to his diet. A diet change or food allergies may be the causes. Make sure the shedding does not happen in abnormal time such as winter. Also, just like human, dogs have skin diseases. Check in with your vet if the abnormal amount of shedding continues.


Answer by  MehulHathi (50)

The cause could be either flea or mosquito bite allergies. If your dog is above the age of 7-8 years it could also be because of Hypothyroidism a common hormonal disorder. The best way to treat your dog is to make it immune of the allergies it has including flea allergies (disturbing the hormones). Visit your vet for medication.


Answer by  Jakey98 (222)

There are lots of possible reasons for this, but there's no way to know unless you take the dog to the vet. It could be anything from simple old age to a genetic mutation, to cancer, mange or a skin disorder. It could also be anxiety - if the dog chews on the bald spots.


Answer by  gman9976 (248)

There are a lot of things that could be casuing that. One could be that your dog has fleas and is scrathing at it causing the hair loss. Or it could be mainge which is something that would need to be treated by a vet. Your dog would get medication and the hair would eventually grow back.

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