Question by  AbsolutelyWoman (35)

What could be the cause of a hard patch of skin on my dog's back?

He has had this hard patch for about 3 weeks and he does not have any other symptoms.


Answer by  Malfoy (16)

The shampoo you are using may be too harsh for his skin. It is possible he has contracted an infection caused by a bruise or hard knock or from being bitten by a small insect. It is also possible he has developed an allergic reaction to something in his environment.


Answer by  Gattre (18)

In most cases when dogs have dry, rough patches of skin on the back they have usually have been rolling around in dirt or some other unsanitary area. Sometimes when dogs roll around in dirt they get skin infections.


Answer by  patty1956 (42)

This can be caused by laying too long in one spot, or in a kennel. This can be a symptom of cancer. Your veterinarian can do the appropriate tests to rule this out.


Answer by  baubles75 (25)

A hard patch of skin can indicate a callous is forming. It can happen if the dog is scratching the area on a frequent basis, or using his/her teeth to scratch the area. The hard patch can also be the beginnings of a scab that can ooze if the dog scratches at it too much.


Answer by  Missbrita (8)

It could be fleas of mites and the hard patch could be caused by the dogs saliva, ie biting himself to relieve the itching. Buy flea shampoo.

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