Question by  Zee05 (18)

What do I do about my dog's hair falling out?


Answer by  DebbieP (102)

It depends on the kind of dog you have. You should expect shedding from the double coated breeds. All dogs shed, to keep it under control you should brush them regularly and feel them high quality foods that promote skin, hair, and overall health. If your dog sheds an unusual amount, visit the vet - he may have a parasite.


Answer by  Jennifer76 (128)

Have your veterinarian check your dog's skin for fleas and other external parasites. Have the dog's skin scraped to check for mange. Blood test can check for hypothyroid issues which can cause canine hair loss.


Answer by  dogs101 (192)

It could be a thyroid problem. It could also be an allergy. There is medicated shampoo that you can use that will slow it down. Brush them mulitple times a week also to get the loose hair off of them.


Answer by  jessydav (550)

if it is just a shedding problem then brushing daily will cut down on the shedding as well as taking the dog to a groomer to can help. If it is more than just shedding then it may be a medical issue such as malnutrition which should be discussed imediately with your vet.

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