Question by  bamasbear (20)

What could cause black residue in a flute?

My flute has black residue build up.


Answer by  Taz (193)

inside the flute it's usually a mix of saliva and dust, while outside the flute it's hand perspiration and dust. Or your flute may be having moist from the humidity. All you'll need to do is to clean the flute every time you use it so the black residue won't build up.


Answer by  nksmom (197)

It's a little gross to think about, but if the residue is inside the instrument, it's probably old spit. On the outside, it's probably tarnish.


Answer by  swimsis (152)

This residue is caused by the oxidation of the moisture in your breath on the metal of the instrument. Regular swabbing after each use will keep this to a minimum.


Answer by  keg88 (31)

It is generally just a buildup of dirt, oil, and or makeup from playing. You can clean it off with a silver polishing cloth or an eyeglass cleaning cloth.

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