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Question by  jeevibalu (10)

What could cause automotive radio interference form the engine?

I have automotive radio interference from the engine.


Answer by  AdamG (137)

If you have singled out possible causes and you're sure it's the engine, I'll guess either the alternator. or some other electrical thing, like grounding. Check antenna and its connection, too. A radio--transmitting, as in a ham or CB, or receiving is useless without a good antenna.


Answer by  John62 (25)

The most likely cause to radio interence is a bad ground. Check the battery terminals and frame mounted ground cable.


Answer by  carguy (46)

The most common cause is ignition noise. You can add a noise supressor available at mosst auto parts stores inline on the wire to the distributor to correct the problem


Answer by  Kozmo (286)

New vehicles shouldn't have this problem. It's when alterations are made to original-equipment designs or when you have an older car that things can get noisy. So your first step is to try to recall when the noise started and what work was done on the vehicle.


Answer by  moneyguy (81)

Depends on the vehicle, go to a local auto part and look for a in line radio supressor, intalled in the antenna line and it should take care of it.

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