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Question by  Westhamfan (20)

What could be wrong if my car radio turns off and on?

My car radio turns off and on.


Answer by  Gary63 (14)

A short in the wiring, of the power supply to the radio, can cause your car radio to, intermittently, turn off and then come back on. Vibration of or in your car may be all that it takes to cause this odd problem. Also, the wires to your speakers could be loose.


Answer by  ryan1611 (45)

If your radio turns on and off your problem is most likely going to be a combination of factors which include; faulty wiring, bad radio, poor battery quality, or insuficient amperage


Answer by  robert63 (17)

You should do some basic troubleshooting to find the problem. If you have a loose connection or a short in your wiring, the radio will react to bumps or vibrations while moving. If the radio just turns on and off at random and/or is warm to the touch, your radio is probably faulty and should be replaced.

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