Question by  ant (12)

What causing a burning sensation on your skin?

For the past several days I have had a burning sensation on my skin, it seems to be worse after I shower.


Answer by  salacishi (32)

The reason may be too hot water, especially when you come back home after spending some time outside in winter. If you go directly to take a shower your skin gets irritated easily by hot water.


Answer by  Isidro (624)

It could be because the water in the shower is contaminated with bacteria and should be checked out fast. Because it could cause a skin infection of some kind.


Answer by  kruti (37)

usually burning sensation is due to allergic effect of any skin care products. some products don't suit our skin quality. skin quality differs from person to person. and if you are getting that burning sensation especially after you take shower it might be due to wrong soap or body wash that u use.. or there might be water quality problem


Answer by  Mallika (449)

The burning sensation on your skin may be due to several reasons such as allergies, fungus infections, or some insect bites. Apply lotions on the affected areas. If its not reducing wash away the lotions and put some turmeric powder and rub it gently. Turmeric is good for insect bites. Otherwise consult a doctor.

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