Question by  banu (12)

What could be wrong if my Magnavox big screen is blurry?

My Magnavox screen is blurry.


Answer by  spaffman10000 (469)

It depends on the type of the TV. If it's a CRT, the beam focus probably needs to be adjusted. If it's a rear projection set, then either the mirror or the focusing lens may need to be adjusted.


Answer by  timbucktoo (350)

90% of the time this problem has to do with your cable company and not with your TV. Give them a call and ask to have a repairman sent to your house to check on the connection to your home. If that's not it, then your bulb might be going out and you will have to replace it.


Answer by  Sabharish (1610)

If your Magnavox is a CRT Tv, there is a chance for damage in the picture tube. If it is a LCD, try to use a branded stabilizer. Try another option, reduce sharpness to "zero"


Answer by  fhahghag (190)

Well if it's blurry, it may just be a manufacturer's defect so you might want to get this checked or another reason could be the wire may be loose. So try adjusting the wire and playing around with your color settings to see what the problem could be. Otherwise take it back.


Answer by  fray (61)

Your Magnavox big screen tv could be blurry for many reasons. For instance you could be watching a low quality channel on your HD TV. But it really depends on what type of TV it is. Each type of TV could have a different problem that makes it look blurry.


Answer by  AnswerMan95 (18)

If your screen is blurry I'd check the cable cord to ensure that it is properly attached to the back of the television. If this doesn't fix it, then the cord running into your home might be loose.


Answer by  LCA1553 (176)

Worst case scenario is that your projector lamps are losing power. Fixable solutions include your lamps or their springs need aligned, or your screen or screen cover or protector is warped.


Answer by  Turkwork (1150)

The first thing to check to see why your big screen is blurry is to check the connection to your tv from your cable company. You can call to have them check the service. The next thing to check is to look at the wiring. You might need a better cable or a new cable.


Answer by  Will65 (73)

There are a few reasons that may contribute to the screen being blurry. It could be that your cable wire is not fully connected, or maybe it's just that a certain channel will not come in. It's a possibility that your wires just need tightening, if the problem persists just contact your cable provider.


Answer by  Bradfordc (24)

The setting for sharpness in the TV's video settings could be set too low. Find the video settings menu for your TV and try turning up the sharpness.

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