Question by  spidersong (27)

What could be wrong if my hamster has lumps in her ear?

My hamster is about 6 months old and has recently developed lumps in her ear.


Answer by  lynnette (43)

The lumps are most likely harmless warts. If that is the case, the warts should be cleaned every day and you should wash your hands after cleaning the warts. However they could be a benign tumor. It is best to take the hamster to the vet to make sure though.


Answer by  traumatised (3285)

Please take your hamster to a qualified exotics vet as soon as possible. Lumps on the ear could be a tumour (either in the ear or one that has grown out from the brain) and might require urgent medical attention. It could also be an abcess, which would require draining and antibiotics.


Answer by  gigo (1706)

This could be a fungal infection, so the best thing is to go to the doctor or better call the doctor to you, because stress can enforce the infection symptoms. Fungal infections are normally dark. If they are white, it could be a "normal" skin amplitude that goes with the time.


Answer by  tigereye476 (32)

The first thing I would suggest to you is to seek a vet's opinion. It doesn't sound to me that this is normal in hampsters. This may be a sign of some sort of a serious health problem or maybe even a birth defect that has not been visable until now.


Answer by  supercharli85 (51)

First thing is to take her to the vet just to be safe. However, these lumps could be beign or simply calcium deposits. Many animals develop similar lumps around their body and most are fat deposits. Although, if they continue to grow they may be a sign of something more serious.

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