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Question by  cusackpat (22)

What could be wrong if I have a tiny hole outside of my ear?


Answer by  Travis404607 (3916)

You may have acquired a puncture wound recently, or some other sort of injury may have taken place to your ear. This could also be the result of some sort of dermatitis.


Answer by  eiryck (847)

There is nothing wrong about a tiny hole outside an ear. It is a matter of taking care of it to avoid foreign objects going into and causing infection.


Answer by  DebH2010 (291)

Openings relative to the ear should be examined by a qualified physician to ensure that possibility for infection does not exist.


Answer by  Pebbles35 (12)

This could be a preauricular pit, which is benign aka not dangerous, and is usually hereditary. The only issue with these pits is they can become infected.


Answer by  RunawayJim (964)

I have the same thing! That is too weird. My dad has it too so I am pretty sure it is genetic and it doesn't mean anything bad, but if you really are worried ask a doctor about it.


Answer by  Daman (42)

I guess nothing could ever go wrong from that. consider the tribes from eastern Africa and the Aborigines, they bore large holes in thier ears without any known consequences


Answer by  bill83 (4)

your ear could get an infection you could get also a infection called staff wich is very bad if you dont get it looked at go to the doctor


Answer by  hollyholly (24)

Where outside your ear do you mean; is the hole on your cheek, on the cartilaginous part of the ear itself, or somewhere else? It sounds to me like you've just got a hole from where your ears have been pierced, but without more information it's impossible to say.

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