Question by  Lindsey11097 (1)

If I stretch my ear lobes, will then one day go back to normal if I change my mind?

I want to stretch them to 00. I'll stretch slowly.


Answer by  littlecrazy (75)

No. If you once stretch your ear lobes you will change the normal structure of skin and underlying tissue, and the hole you are going to make is going to be permanent. The only solution afterwords is surgery.


Answer by  anniekiefera (359)

The possibility of your ears going back to normal after you gauge them this big is there, although the risk of them not totally being back to normal is higher. Mine were at 0 about ten months ago, but now they are probably between ten and fourteen. I would advise downsizing slowly also.


Answer by  ashleyeve (15)

I don't believe so. You'd probably have to get cosmetic ear surgery to fix that.

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