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Question by  bethb29 (22)

What could be the reason sitting causes pain in the back of the neck?

When I sit I have pain in the back of my neck.


Answer by  THardison (48)

My best research shows that when walking or standing your head is in an upright position and very well supported by the vertabral column. However when sitting, your neck and head begin to relax and the neck is then not properly aligned. Thus, causing stretching and straning of the mucles in the neck.


Answer by  cmath (20)

Neck pain that occurs when sitting may be due to poor posture. Many individuals lack the core muscle strength needed to maintain consistent spinal alignment when seated. Slouching, leaning, and straining can put undue stress on the cervical spine as it compensates to continue supporting the weight of the skull.


Answer by  BrandauMelissa (26)

There could be many causes of pain in the back of the neck when sitting. One of the reasons could involve the padding on the chair as well as the design of the chair itself. If a person's posture is poor, the way they sit in the chair could also affect the pain in the back of the neck.


Answer by  Joy91 (35)

Pain in the back of the neck can occur for many reasons. Ask yourself, have I injured my neck? Does the job I have cause me to sit in a fixed position such as staring at a computer screen for long periods of time? Seek out a professional who can ask these questions and give you specific answers.

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