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Question by  Bert26 (29)

Can you help me to solve toilet training problems?

My three year old twins are not taking to toilet training well.


Answer by  Gerald (102)

Encouragement is the key. Read books to your children that illustrate the steps of using the potty. Reward them when they even get one of the steps right. You have to make potty training fun rather than a task. Young children respond to positive reinforcement when taking on new adventures.


Answer by  playmaker55 (314)

Try getting one of the kid movies that explains to the children that using the toilet is cool, and then talks them through how to use the toilet.


Answer by  CarolynOsborne (2804)

You might want to "divide and conquer:" choose the most advanced child or the "lead" child and get him/her trained. Then the other will likely follow along. Remember that stressing over this will not help even though you have reason to be stressed.


Answer by  KeenaTomko (33)

You hear a lot about children being potty trained at earlier ages, but it's not a race, and it makes no difference at all in their future development. Keep it friendly and take your time.

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