Question by  Kittrell (17)

What could be the cause of hard, red, circle-shaped rashes?


Answer by  worker76 (773)

this sounds to me like psoriasis. its har dto say without seeing it but google pictures and compare. PSORIASIS or ECZEMA


Answer by  Tigerbelle (252)

This could be a symptom of Rosacea. Rosacea is a chronic skin condition found often in people with lighter skin that can worsen over time if not treated by a qualified dermatologist.


Answer by  OceanTiara (158)

Hard, red, circle-shaped rashes could well be what is known as ringworm. Ringworm must be treated by a physician.


Answer by  pradhaprajgmailcom (1518)

It may be a symptom of lepracy but it need not be.If you had changed your soap recently could have caused this.It may be a simple allergy.


Answer by  spoiledtraveler1 (106)

these reactions could be caused by some sort of allergic reaction or sensitivity to an outside thing. The irritation could be caused by something in the air.


Answer by  vto (226)

Ring worm would cause this type of rash. It is contagious and would need to be treated and also bandaged.


Answer by  luvlexis83 (798)

This is most likely ringworms also called tenae. This is a bacterial skin infection that you get from the dirt, an animal, or a person. This infection only lives on the skin.


Answer by  G12345 (1808)

There are many things and you really should see a doctor. Could be as common as eczema, but could be as worrysome as Lymes disease or a vasculitis. Psoriasis would not be uncommon too.

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