Question by  raja32 (22)

What could be the cause of canine sudden blindness?

My dog has suddenly gone blind.


Answer by  Startwearinggreen (340)

Lots of thing such as old age or lense luxation. Also if your dog gets diabetes, eats posion, has a head injury or brain trama. Whatever the case is take your dog to the vet to get checked out.


Answer by  sjflanders (26)

Accidental damage to the eye from playing in tall grass (for small breeds) or being hit with debris from an open car window may be possible. Also consider the health of your dog, and if he or she may have any underlying health issues that may have caused it.


Answer by  Badgzara (95)

There are many causes to sudden blindness. One cause that I can think of off the top of my head is just plain eye injury. Eye injury could be as easy to get as rough-housing with another dog to the dog sticking his head out of a moving vehical.


Answer by  mne (21)

Canine sudden blindness is usually caused by Retinal disorders such as Chorioretinitis, Retinal Detachment, and Sudden Acquired Retinal Degeneration Syndrome or Optic Nerve disorders such as infections, trauma and cancer.


Answer by  Kris22 (90)

My ten year old dog ate a special batch of triple chocolate cupcakes, ran around the house in a sugar frenzy, then when I came home from work, I found that my poor pooch had gone blind.


Answer by  sherry (211)

it could be s. a. r. d. s it a diease that will effect the eyes well the cells of the eyes and there nothing that a vet can do

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