Question by  kittykatrw (17)

What could be causing my Ford Focus headlights to not work?


Answer by  karmas (35)

There are so many answers to this question, however I would begin with checking your wires directly behind the headlights and head from there right to the fuse box. Check your fuse box in the engine bay and underneath the dash on the drivers side for popped fuses.


Answer by  kayrag (66)

The most common cause is that the bulbs are burnt out. Other potential causes are a blown fuse, defective headlight relay(s), or a broken switch.


Answer by  fordguy777 (346)

Check the wire connecting the headlights to the rest of the car. Sometimes all it takes is a jiggle of the wire to get them working again.


Answer by  N31J (148)

Its strange that you say that because my friend owns a ford focus too and not once has it ever broken down of had a single failure but back to the question... It could be the switch for the lights that are broken or the wiring, most commonly the bulb!


Answer by  thesituation (34)

it could be the fuse, the bulbs are burnt out, your switch is bad or the wiring is faulty. start with the easiest first.

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