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Question by  cdeboard (15)

What would cause my Ford Focus brakes to squeak?

My Ford Focus has a break squeak.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Brake squeak can be cause by a lot of difference things. More than likely the pads need a ant-vibration coating added to the or the clip that hold the pads are loose making it rub the rotors. You may also have a caliper that is stuck causing it to rub the rotor all the time.


Answer by  ldenton (15)

You might have brake dust between the rotors and the pads that can cause a squeaking sound. Another possibility is that the brake pads have worn down to the point that the wear indicators are dragging on the rotors. If that is the case, your brake pads need to be replaced.


Answer by  mikkie180 (167)

Squeaking can be caused by the wear indicator on the brake pad, sub-standard pads, or some dirt that has gotten between the pad and the rotor.


Answer by  pakuakid (72)

Squeaking brakes are caused by one of two things. 1)your rotors could be covered in brake dust. 2) your brake pads are worn and need replacing.


Answer by  aratliff (111)

Brakes generally squeak because the break pads are getting low. Check your break fluid levels and the pads. The pads either can be adjusted or will have to be changed completely. They should be checked soon to prevent having to replace your rotors too.

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