Question by  trippedwire (31)

What could be causing my Dodge pickup not to turn over?

When I try to crank my Dodge it just makes a clicking noise.


Answer by  mechtech74 (692)

Just a clicking noise usually means your battery is close to dead. Maybe you left the lights on, and just need a jump. Water in the battery could be low, preventing full recharge. The battery may be old and failing or your alternator could be going bad.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Commonly this means that you starter is bad. The clicking is the starter trying to turn the engine over but the starter drive doesn't engage the flywheel. Sometime you can tap the starter a little a it will loosen the starter drive enough to engage. However you may want to check all the starter wiring also.


Answer by  oui72 (514)

Cold start. Loose electrical contact. Low voltage. defective starter unit. These are the major causes of clicking noise. Therefore, check battery voltage. Check terminal connections. If none of those you have to get under your Dodge. And, check starter unit.

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