Question by  vishal78 (10)

What computer offers the best value?

I need a computer for my college student.


Answer by  Jilly (597)

This depends on what your student needs. For example, if s/he is an art major it may be very important for their computer to come with design programs such as Photoshop. Determining your exact needs will give you a narrower selection of models to choose from. Look for computers with good warranty agreements, as these will help your investment last.


Answer by  Dave27 (25)

I use a dell and i love it. I am also a college student. I have had 2 dell laptops and they have worked perfectly. I own the Dell Inspiron b130 and the dell studio 1550 and the studio has everything i need in it. They are also quite affordable, beating out HPs and Macs.


Answer by  Karthon (403)

For a college student I would suggest a netbook. It will be light enough to take to class (often


Answer by  abc25 (196)

A Windows-based computer offers the best price/performance, more vendors to choose form (i. e. Sony, HP, Dell), and has the most affordable software available for it versus a MAC.

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