Question by  JennC (32)

What colors does the DLO jam jacket come in?

I need a new one for my Zune.


Answer by  river (1226)

It come in black, pink, blue, and one described as clear but it's kind of cloudy looking. There's also a 3 pack available that along with frosty like the clear has green and purple.


Answer by  rameez (21)

Digital Lifestyle Outfitters has developed two new cases for the iPod mini. The Jam Jacket mini case will feature a screen protector and will come in an array of colors. The Action Jacket mini will feature a new elastic armband and swivel belt clip. DLO also announced a new insert which allows the iPod mini to fit into existing


Answer by  trey1122 (4)

Hello Thanks For Asking. The DLO Jam Jacket colors come in Pink, Blue, Black & a Clear (Cloudy Color) color.


Answer by  melveneholly (13)

Dark greyish with a contrast of around -50 with a mixture of kind of dark orange but nor very dark

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