Question by  shirlzie (40)

Does turbo jam work?

The advertisements for Turbo Jam say that you can lose ten lbs in ten days.


Answer by  canadabee (932)

Like most quick-weight-loss programmes, Turbo Jam may be able to help you get started in losing weight, but it won't perform any miracles. The only way to really keep fit and attain your weight goals is regular exercise and good nutrition. Good luck!


Answer by  mesh (351)

I'm sure it can work, but it definitely is not a healthy way to go. Eating right with exercise is the only healthy way to lose weight. 1-2 pounds per week loss is a healthy target. Ten pounds in ten days is too much of a shock for the body.


Answer by  vaargen (83)

Yes, it works since it is "nothing" more then a diet and exercise program, the most important thing about a program is that you follow it.

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