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Question by  sk8trmm (32)

What colors are mosquitoes attracted to?

Do they see color? I want to know what colors to avoid.


Answer by  NikkiD65 (34)

Mosquitoes do see colors. They are most attracted to dark colors, black, blues and such. The can also be drawn to very bright neon colors.


Answer by  Denalynna (37)

Suprisingly Mosquitoes are not attracted to color as much as they are attracted to smell. They can also be attracted to your body heat and the movement that is around them.


Answer by  Lillian (87)

Mosquitoes are most attracted to dark colors because they look for prey in shady areas (such as under trees and in thick vegetation). Therefore, wearing looser light-colored clothing with long pants and long sleeves is recommended. According to the Discovery Channel mosquitoes are more attracted to the color blue than to other colors.


Answer by  Rathjinngmailcom (234)

Most insects including mosquitoes are attracted to the color blue the most. Reds are the next popular color followed by oranges and then yellow. Stick to White, Black, Brown and Green as good colors to wear.


Answer by  SeanDoutlick (8)

Mosquitoes are known to be attracted to darker colors if anything. They are much more known to be drawn towards certain smells and compounds more. They key is certainly to stay away from dark clothing and keep yourself clean. Any uneccessary body odder will only make yourself a bigger target.


Answer by  Anonymous

Yes mosquitoes are attracted to colors. Avoid blue as much as possible


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Sonic is blue , so maybe mosquitoes are attracted to Sonic.


Answer by  Anonymous

they're attracted to the color chicken wings and they like to drink apple juice. my name is peter griffin. i like to see homeboys naked. who are we talking about again?

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